25 3 / 2012

I met a boy. All I can tell you right now about him is that I know his first name, he has a cute smile, and he can rock a hat, but I am feeling some kind of way about it.

I don’t know if I’m going to like him, or feel The Feelings, or any of that, but I do know that he is adorable and I like that he is adorable.

25 3 / 2012

Oh I read you. And I am with you. I have jobs that need to be done.

Also, thanks! I am proud of myself, too. Being grown is hard work. But you are super supportive of me in all ways, and that helps a bunch. It makes it slightly less intimidating.

Tuesday, we are on. I will be in Harrisburg during the day but I’m pretty sure we get back to town early enough that I can come over. If that changes, I’ll let you know, but I think we’re cool. Friday, we’re also on, but I have a dentist appointment at 8:30am (I know, ew), so we’re on for after that, if that’s ok. I can probably make it to Frazer by 10:30ish.

I miss being around you.

24 3 / 2012

Here’s what I just had an event and I need to tell you about it.

So today I went to this thing for my LSW exam it was a prep course. Six and a half hours. So boring. So that was from 9-3:30ish, and then Ashley and Elena came over to my house and we hung out for a little while cuz we figured we would just go out to dinner in town and whatnot. So about 5:15 we go over to one of the places in town, it’s a bar, but it’s also a restaurant. We’re chilling out, having a good time, laughing, etc. I got quesadillas. Delicious. So we’re sitting there, and I have a view of the bar the whole time. I looked over as we’re like, maybe 2/3 of the way through our food, and at the same time I realized it, Elena goes “Oh… is that ***?” You know who *** is. I was like “Fuck. Seriously?” But I was all “whatever, it’s fine, no big deal.” I knew he was there; he saw me after he sat down at the bar to wait for his friends to get there but we didn’t acknowledge each other, and when I went to the bathroom he was staring at his phone when I went as close as I was going to get to near him to go back to sit down. But he KNEW I was there. So anyway, we finish eating, we have dessert, whatever, fine. We get up to leave and by then one of his friends was there. So the way we have to walk to get from our table to the door, we HAVE to walk past the end of the bar. He’s not on the end, but he’s about two seats down. So as we’re walking by he is obviously fake talking to his friend like “Oh if I’m talking to my boy then I don’t have to acknowledge her” and I’m like “hmm, not the classiest, but whatever, do your thing, I get it, awkward sauce.” But I kinda kept looking as I started to turn cuz I was like, it’s so fake the way he’s talking. So as I’m turning, he immediately stops talking and looks up and is looking right at me. I was like “WHAT.” So I gave him the side-eye. You know. The one where all you do is make a kind of questioning eyebrow move but what it says is “Really? You’re gonna try to be like that after I was ready to act mature and be nice and even wave or say hello and now you’re trying to act like a little teenager? Fine. I can play like that, too. Game on, bitch. Fuck your face.” It’s a complex move, but you know how I do.

I was SUPER annoyed when we got outside. And Elena saw better than Ashley what happened, but they both saw it, and they know the whole deal between us, and they were like “seriously, what the hell was he doing?” So I was like “AAAAAUGH” but I kept my shit together and I didn’t start getting heated until we got outside. But I was really proud of myself because normally I would have just done nothing and stared like a dorkface and not given him the side-eye and then later been like “FUCK I WISH I’D SIDE-EYED HIM” but it would have been too late. But I just handled my shit and I was like “Whatever, clearly you’re acting like a little boy and I’m not even down with your shenanigans so step off.”

It was just a hot mess. I am feeling about eleventy billion kinds of ways right now. But I am proud of myself because I expressed my “fuck, really, it’s like that? This is so immature” feelings without being all crazy or ridiculous or irrational or emotional but also I like, side-eyed instead of just being whatever and not doing anything. Also, fuck, seriously, GO HOME AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE. I am so tired of running into this punk every single place in West Chester!

So that’s my story.

22 3 / 2012

What? You guys are so sweet! Thanks, boo :).

I just spent a bunch of time rounding up art supplies from my apartment because I am running group tomorrow and I am going to give a room full of teenagers some glitter glue, markers, poster board, and googly eyes, and tell them to go crazy. So hopefully that goes well. I guess we’ll see. Between that and pizza I think I have a chance of winning them over. Yay multimedia art projects and tasty treats!

It made me think of you because at least for you when you bring your kids some glitter you are guaranteed to get a good response. Three year olds are so much easier than teenagers. I am kind of jealous of you.

I would like everything a lot better if we still lived together. I am in the mood for some Craig’s List reading, popsicle eating, and stoop sitting. Truth.

22 3 / 2012

Chris Matthews is a rockstar, and I like the other lady he had on the show who was actually talking about the topic and behaving rationally. That congresswoman was mindlessly robotic and aggressively annoying.

The fact that basic human rights for women are up for debate infuriates more than I can possibly articulate. It honest to God makes me so angry that I start to cry if I focus too much time on it.

18 3 / 2012

I have a new favorite band. It’s Say Anything. The lead singer, Max Bemis, who you can see above being super dreamy, is one of the reasons that I love them. He is So. Cute. Also, he and I are almost exactly six months apart in age (he’s older), so we could totally date (if he would just leave his wife). Just sayin’.

I have a new favorite band. It’s Say Anything. The lead singer, Max Bemis, who you can see above being super dreamy, is one of the reasons that I love them. He is So. Cute. Also, he and I are almost exactly six months apart in age (he’s older), so we could totally date (if he would just leave his wife). Just sayin’.

16 3 / 2012

This kid is great, and he’s going to make you believe in yourself.

16 3 / 2012

Whoa, Goldie is a rockstar! That’s awesome :). Also, French is dumb. It’s not like you’re even going to need to know how to speak French for any reason when all you want to do is math problems, anyway. That’s ridiculous.

13 3 / 2012

Lil makes a fair point. I like her rational sense of what’s what. She is a good girl. Also, I have to say, I understand that you hate losing an hour of sleep, and I’m with you on that, but I am so beyond excited that it is staying bright outside until later that I am about to lose my mind. So I am willing to make that trade-off, personally.

I like your idea about driving around the country. We don’t even have to punch people after we handle those few people who need them - we could just road trip and go on adventures and I will wear flip-flops and show everyone my foot. Also, let’s stay south for a while until it gets warmer everywhere, because I am ALL ABOUT this weather today!

13 3 / 2012

Yeah, that’s totally fine. Just let me know when you have some free time and we’ll figure it out. French is stupid. I have two papers I have to write over this break, and I am NOT looking forward to it. Also, I have to fix my resume. Also, I have a million other things to do. Ew. So ridiculous. But yeah, we are totally still on for Saturday, that’s fine.

I’m about to go respond to your email right now.

12 3 / 2012

Oh jeez. I can’t come tomorrow - Lex asked me to do him a favor and come in tomorrow even though it’s my spring break, so I’m gonna be there from like, 2-8 (eeww). But since it’s spring break, I can come over another day. Pick your favorite day, I’ll come to your house! Also, I’m curious about your stories, so pick a day that is soon!


11 3 / 2012

Here’s what I want to say to the world right now, and I feel like this is something you would agree with me about:

Hey everyone: remember on AOL when people would forward you like, seven hundred stupid chain emails every day, and you hated them and got super-annoyed because they were a waste of space? Newsflash: the pictures you’re reposting all over Facebook are THE SAME THING. I do not care what your latest bumper-sticker-inspirational-quote-of-the-moment is, nor do I find it clever that someone wrote it in a curly font on a picture of a dog/sunset/flower. You are on my last nerve.

p.s. - I’m really glad you support people not having cancer (I also find joy and comfort in a lack of deadly illness), and I wish no ill on small children who have horribly grotesque birth defects and/or have gone bald and skinny from chemo treatment, but YOU ARE NOT SAVING THE WORLD BY POSTING THEIR PICTURES ALL OVER YOUR FACEBOOK WALL. You aren’t even donating that nickel the picture says you’re donating by “liking” or “sharing” or whatever. How would that even work? It wouldn’t. So stop exploiting the shit out of these kids.

11 3 / 2012

This guy that I follow on Twitter because he’s a blog writer about the Phillies tweeted this link and said that he thinks Neil de Grasse Tyson is super smart and more people should listen to him and what he has to say. Of course I thought of you, instantly, because you are so on board the Neil de Grasse Tyson train.

11 3 / 2012

I have conflicted feelings about the Texas story. On the one hand, I think it is deplorable to defund programs that are providing critical assistance to poor women with no other resources. I can see, however, the point they are trying to make - Planned Parenthood needs to be allowed to receive funding, they are a huge and important provider of womens’ health services. It makes me wonder what other way they could have made the same point as effectively and loudly while still allowing the women to get what they need. The people should come first. But I think it starts to get into that idea of greater good; which is more important, these particular women or the ability to get the money to care for millions of women everywhere (in theory - that’s the goal, anyway, I’m assuming)? That’s rhetorical, btw :).

The thing that makes me angry is that the fight is occurring in the first place. The fact that women are still treated as second-rate citizens is appalling and unacceptable. No one is arguing that you should have to have a prescription to get condoms or that condoms should be banned and are morally reprehensible. No one is arguing that we should defund programs that screen for prostate cancer because they also dispense Viagra pills. And the most hypocritical thing of all is all of these MEN talking about how they want the government to get out of their lives meanwhile they want to force the government into my uterus. I mean honestly.