22 3 / 2012

What? You guys are so sweet! Thanks, boo :).

I just spent a bunch of time rounding up art supplies from my apartment because I am running group tomorrow and I am going to give a room full of teenagers some glitter glue, markers, poster board, and googly eyes, and tell them to go crazy. So hopefully that goes well. I guess we’ll see. Between that and pizza I think I have a chance of winning them over. Yay multimedia art projects and tasty treats!

It made me think of you because at least for you when you bring your kids some glitter you are guaranteed to get a good response. Three year olds are so much easier than teenagers. I am kind of jealous of you.

I would like everything a lot better if we still lived together. I am in the mood for some Craig’s List reading, popsicle eating, and stoop sitting. Truth.